Lightest Balance Bikes for Kids

I used to get this question a lot when I owned a bike shop.  Although weight is not the ultimate gauge for quality, it is a highly desired feature. We combed through the internet to find the lightest balance bikes available; which we will dub featherweights.

Top 4 Lightest Balance Bikes for Kids

Here is are our top 4 most lightweight balance bike list, they’re in no particular order.

Cruzee Ultralite Air Balance Bike – 4.8 lbs

Lightest balance bike

The Cruzee is one of the lightest balance bikes in the world; weighing in at a mere 4.2 lbs!  The Cruzee features a lightweight aluminum frame, composite molded wheels, and flat-free foam tires.  The only real options you will find on this bike are the quick-release on the seat post and handlebars, which we think should be mandatory on all balance bikes.  As you will see with other bikes in the weight category, the plastic mag wheels (available in black or white) and EVA foam tires are mandatory to cut weight.  We don’t mind the foam tires for the young riders but feel as kids get older they benefit from the durability and improved ride and traction of air-filled tires.  The Cruzee does have an air-filled tire model called the Ultralight Air that weighs in at 4.8 lbs and is available for $219.99. Both models are available in 10 cool colors and feature a lifetime warranty.

  • Ideal for Riders: 1-5 Years
  • Seat Height: 11″ – 19″
  • Bike Weight: 4.2 lbs
  • Air Tires: No – Available on Air Model
  • Brake: No

Kiddimoto Karbon Balance Bike – 6.6 lbs

I know what you are thinking – the Karbon is not one of the lightest balance bikes.  True – but none have a frame as light as the Karbon; 0.7 lbs!  The bike’s frame, handlebar, and fork are made from 3k carbon. That’s right, this super-strong carbon fiber balance bike frame weighs less than a bunch of bananas.  Although the Karbon has an ultra-lightweight frame, the components bring the weight up a little bit.  Bike tires, components, hubs, spokes, quick releases all add up in the grand scheme of things.  This is the number one lesson in bike weights – less is not always better. Unfortunately, you won’t find this model at Kiddimoto USA yet, but they are in Europe if you wish to pay a little extra for shipping.

  • Ideal for Riders: 2-5 Years
  • Seat Height: 12″ – 18″
  • Bike Weight: 6.6 lbs
  • Air Tires: Yes
  • Brake: No

Kiddimoto Karbon Balance Bike £999.99 @ Kiddimoto UK

Strider Pro Balance Bike – 5.2 lbs

Lightweight Balance Bike

The Strider Pro balance bike and the Cruzee bear some resemblances – mainly in the frame design. The bikes look very similar yet there are some subtle differences in the two; the fork dropouts, seat post, and component materials. We like the age-appropriate size of the seat on the Strider versus the larger seat on the Cruzee.

  • Ideal for Riders: 1-5 Years
  • Seat Height: 11″ – 19″
  • Bike Weight: 5.2 lbs
  • Air Tires: No
  • Brake: No

Bixe 10″ Balance Bike – 4.3 lbs

Light Balance Bike

Naturally, the Bixe is going to be the lightest balance bike due to its small size and 10″ wheels. Surprisingly with the 10″ wheels, the lowest seat height is only 13″. Which is a full 2″ higher than the Kinderbike Laufrad, Woom 1, Strider Pro, Cruzee and other balance bikes.  We are not a big fan of the frame geometry – promotes more of an upright position and not enough room between the seat and handlebars. One thing you can’t beat is the price!

Ideal for Riders: 1-5 Years

  • Seat Height: 13″ – 19″
  • Bike Weight: 4.0 lbs
  • Air Tires: No
  • Brake: No