Eastern Pusher Balance Bike Review

The Eastern Pusher is a no-frills balance bike that fits into what we call the “lightweights” category.  Bikes in this category have lightweight builds that don’t pack a lot of features but are still very capable on light off-road trails.  We recommend the Pusher for young kids who need a lighter-weight bike; this is also a great bike for the increasingly popular BMX bike racing. Toddler BMX racers tend to use the Pusher and Strider models as they are easier to navigate the courses. See more about USA BMX bike racing here.

Eastern Pusher BMX Review

Through my research, this rider-owned BMX company started as early as 1992 when founder Mike Corley assembled and designed his own BMX bike frame out of dissatisfaction with the warranty of the current frame he was riding. A few years later in 1996, Eastern Bikes, created by Mike Corley and John Byers was born in Raleigh, NC.   Eastern BMX sells a full line of BMX bikes, parts and promotes their products through several pro riders they sponsor.


  • Seat Height: 10.75″ – 17″
  • Bike Weight: 4.6 lbs
  • Brakes: N/A
  • Footrest: No
  • Steering Limiter: N/A
  • Tire Size: 12″
  • Type of Tire: EVA Foam (non air-filled)
  • Grips  with End Bumpers: Yes
  • Bolts: domed Head/Rounded
  • Frame Material: Aluminum Alloy


As we unboxed our Eastern Pusher we were amazed how light the bike was.  Per the Eastern BMX website; the bike weighs a mere 4.6 lbs – one of the lightest bikes we know of.  The bike requires full assembly but as you can see in the picture there are minimal parts and goes together fairly easy.  Packaging was sufficient to protect the beautiful aluminum frame.

Eastern Pusher BMX

Eastern Pusher BMX Build Quality & Weight

As we said earlier, the Eastern Pusher balance bike is a no frills balance bike that is durable enough for trails and super lightweight. What it lacks in brakes and components it gains in it’s rugged frame, wide EVA foam tires and its sleek look.  At first glance the Eastern Pusher looks strikingly similar to the Strider; though further inspection shows there are some differences. One of the major differences are the EVA foam tires.  The tires on the pusher are wider than the Strider which gives it an age in the traction department but not much.


In fact we feel this bike would be the ultimate starter BMX bike for kids if it had air-filled tires that would improve ride comfort and traction.  Though when it comes to building a lightweight balance bike, the wheels are one of the first areas that concessions must be made to bring the weight down along with eliminating brakes. For more information on whats important in purchasing a balance bike, see our article on the Ultimate Guide to Balance Bikes.

eastern pusher bmx

Another feature on the Eastern Pusher that is meant to simplify the build and shed excess weight is the one piece handlebar/stem combo.  We have no issues with this one-piece set up as it can still be adjusted up and down easily and we did not have any issues with the bars coming out of alignment during testing.  I was a big fan of the quick release seat and handlebars.  It is fairly common for the seat post but it is not always provided for handlebar adjustment.  The smooth glossy frames that are available in 5 colors with complimentary accent graphics and handlebar pad.

Testing Eastern Pusher

eastern pusher Bmx Testing

Our little tester Ella loved riding the Eastern and the lightweight build came in handy, when we were walking the bike down certain parts of the trail that were not accessible with the bike.  I am starting to sound like a broken record mentioning weight – but this is the biggest asset the Eastern Pusher balance bike holds.  Face it, there are many times kids get into an area of the trail or sidewalks where they need to either walk backwards with the bike or just pick it up and redirect the bike.  Although the EVA foam tires do not perform as well as air-filled we did notice that the Eastern tires were wider than the foam tires found on a Strider balance bike.

We like the frame geometry and sizing of the Eastern Pusher. Although Ella was using the bike at the highest seat setting; you can tell that her stance and arm positioning was ideal.  Her arms and legs were both slightly bent and her body was in a forward motion.  She had no issue walking and gliding the bike on upward and downward grades.


The Pusher is a pretty good deal when it comes to an aluminum-framed balance bike of this weight.  Buying this bike also entails being part of the BMX community and helping promote the Eastern BMX brand and team riders. The Pusher is $20-$30 cheaper than the similarly designed Strider Pro and Cruzee Ultralight bikes that both feature aluminum frames and similar overall bike weights.

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