Best Bells for Bikes 2019

My youngest son was always obsessed with the bell on his bike.  It was the bike bell that came standard with the Kinderbike Laufrad that I used to sell. He used it so often that we wondered when this bell would finally break.  He definitely knew that every time he rang the bell it drew attention and we all know that kids love attention.  In addition to the unique noises they make to warn nearby people you are approaching; they have unique designs that add a little flair to any bike. The perfect gift for your child’s bike is a bike bell.

The bicycle bell was invented by John Richard Dedicoat in Great Britain with the first patented bell being recorded in 1877. The first bells consisted of a metal lever that was connected to inner gears that made them repeatedly strike the metal shell they were enclosed in.

Many bike bells today share this original design and a few others have their own unique way to clang.

Fresh Bells by Melon


Melon (makers of unique bike helmets) have 2 lines of bike bells.  The line they dub, “Fresh Bells” are new takes on an old design. Add a little flair to your bike with a bike bell.  Melon also offers bike helmet design that match the bells!

Where to Buy: Shoppit

Price: $20.99

Mirrycle Incredibell Jellibell


The name is sort of a tongue twister that I bet you can’t say three times in a row!  I used to sell jellibells many years ago and they were a hit.  The bells come in 5 translucent colors that expose the inner gears of this bike bell all enclosed in a weatherproof housing. These plastic bike bells are surprisingly durable and are operated by twisting the colored dial in a clockwise motion. The bell measures 1.9″ in diameter.

Where to Buy:

Price: $12.99

Nutcase Bike Bells


Nutcase Bell


Nutcase Thumbdinger

Its only fitting that Nutcase; the maker of the bike helmets with the coolest designs would have their own line of bike bells. Choose from the traditional solid colors that the Thumbdinger offers or crank it up a notch with cool designs on the Nutcase Bell. Thanks to Soundcloud, you can here the exact sound of Nutcase Bells.

Where to Buy:

Price: Nutcase Bell – $15.00, Nutcase Thumbdinger – $8.99

Knog Oi Bike Bell


The Knog Oi is a unique bell in that is more for the adults in my opinion.  The minimalist styled bell caters to the little kid in all of us that still likes to ding a bell on their bike but is trying to pull it off in a much cooler way. The Knog is available in Black, Silver or gold and in sizes to accommodate small bars (22.2mm) up to larger bar diameters (31.8mm).

Where to Buy:

Price: Check Price

I just highlighted a few of my favorite bike bells.  Any big box store, local bike shop or sporting goods store is sure to have a selection of bells for bikes of all sizes.