5 Strider/Balance Bike Accessories & Upgrades For a Custom Look

My youngest sons favorite color was red, his older brother preferred green.  If there was a choice in colors for a particular product, we would make it based upon their preference.  Sometimes a product wouldn’t have the desired color and we would move on to the next brand.

We all know that kids have favorite colors – now you can create a truly custom balance bike for your child.  Letting your child pick their own colors and accessories puts a personalized touch on a bike that promotes a sense of pride a child has for their bike.  Check out the cool balance bike accessories below that will help you customize your balance bike into a one-of-a-kind ride that your child will be proud of.   .

1. Custom Balance Bike Wheels


Many balance bikes come with plastic mag wheels with either air-filled or EVA foam tires.  We are more of a fan of aluminum wheels and air-filled tires.  Leaning towards air tires due to their ride quality, improved traction and durability when compared to foam tires.  We don’t mind plastic mag wheels on younger kids bikes because they make them lighter but there have been issues with warping and the lack of being able to replace the EVA tires that are bonded to the plastic rims.  If you are to do any upgrade to your child’s bike; we recommend starting with the wheels.

Wild Child features their own line called Pro Wheels.  Pro Wheels are aluminum alloy wheels available in 8 cool colors that are guaranteed to fit Strider balance bikes and most other brands with similar fork spacing.  We suggest contacting the retailer prior to making a purchase to verify compatibility.  The wheels feature sealed bearings that will make your child roll smoother and faster then ever.  Wild Child Bikes offers both 12 inch and 14 inch replacement wheels.

>>Buy at WildChildBikes.com<<

Looking for upgrades for your Strider balance bike?  Looking to stick with lightweight EVA foam tires.  Strider offers a variety of colors in their ultralight wheels.

These cool colors will keep your balance bike light in weight but add a cool color and uniqueness to your ride.

Just another way that Strider makes it possible to customize your balance bike and stand apart form the pack.

>>Buy at Ebay.com<<

2. Custom Balance Bike Handlebars


Once you have changed the color of your wheels to a set of aluminum Wild Child wheels, you can buy some matching handlebars. There are two options available from DaddyLab.  They offer a flat bar and a raised handle bar.  Most balance bike handlebars are made out of steel while Daddy Labs are crafted from 661 aluminum allow and available in 8 cool colors.

An upright model is also available for a more upright rider position.  Both bars are 440 mm in width which is ideal for balance bikes. Bars will fit most handlebar stems with a standard 25.4 mm opening.

Daddy Lab Handle Bars – starting at $19.99 plus shipping


A few other areas to upgrade include the handlebar stems and adjustment rings.  If your bike came with one-piece combo handlebars and stem you will need to purchase a stem for use with your custom handlebar. Below are some colored adjuster rings and adjustable handlebar stems.  Please review the manufacturer specifications to make sure they fit your particular bike prior to ordering.

Stems start out at $34.99 and are available at Wild Child Bikes.

>>Buy at WildChildBikes.com<<

3. Strider Balance Bike Customization Bundle

Strider balance bikes, which are known to be the most popular balance bike in the world off their own customization bundles.  The bundles feature colored mag wheels, color handlebar grips and a BMX-style number plate. If you aren’t looking to add aluminum wheels to your Strider, this is the perfect kit to create a custom look. The kit is guaranteed to fit the Strider Classic, Sport or Pro models and feature 8 choices of wheel colors, 15 different style/color choices for grips ad 7 different styles/colors of number plates.


Strider Balance Bike Custom Bundle – $37.99 plus shipping

4. Custom Balance Bike Grips, Seats and Stems

Besides the selection of colored grips and mag wheels that Strider Sports offers; Wild Child has a great selection of child-appropriate sized seats, hand grips and handlebar stems for balance bikes.

Starting off with hand grips, our favorite is the multi-colored ring grips. Stack them in any color scheme you can imagine or go with just one color – it’s your choice. Each ring is approx. $1.25/each and we recommend 5 rings per grip.  They also offer solid color grips in 8 cool colors for $12.99/pair.

Daddy Lab Solid (L) Ring Grips (R)

>>Buy at WildChildBikes.com<<

5. Balance Bike Seats

Daddy Lab also has two models of bike seats/saddles available in an array of colors.  They have the smaller Rodeo Bike Seat and the kids Road Seat Saddle – both retail for $29.99.  The Rodeo seat requires a bike that accepts a 22.2 mm seat post since the post is already attached to the post.  This will fit Strider balance bikes and many more.  The road saddle does not come with a seat post so it will fit any bike with the purchase of a seat post and clamp. both are available here.

Rodeo Seat (L) Kids Road Bike Saddle (R)

We prefer the rodeo seat for balance bikes and 12″ bikes as it is more age/size appropriate for younger kids.  Smaller saddles make it easier to straddle and walk with a bike.

>>Buy at WildChildBikes.com<<

If you haven’t bought a balance bike to customize yet, the Strider Classic Balance Bike is available at Amazon.com.