Best Kids Bike Trailers

Best Kids Bike Trailers

A bike trailer can be a great way to involve young children in biking. There are a wide variety of brands and options, so it can be challenging to decide which is the best bike trailer for you and your kids. While no trailer is the best for everyone, there are bike trailers to fit every situation.

Why Use a Bike Trailer?

There are many reasons to use a bike trailer. If you enjoy biking but have small children, a trailer can allow you to continue biking without having to leave your child at home. Many children enjoy riding along while you bike and can get to experience nature.

You may be trying to choose between a bike trailer and a bike seat. While both options are great ways to involve your kids in biking and get them excited about the sport, a bike trailer is safer than a bike seat. If your bike falls over, a bike seat can be dangerous. It is best to use a bike trailer if you are going over rough terrain or riding in traffic.

What to Look for in a Bike Trailer

Because there are so many options out there, it is essential that you look for a bike trailer with specific features. Most trailers are made out of steel or aluminum. Aluminum has proven to be both durable and lightweight. You want to look for a hitch with a low center of gravity to reduce the chances of the trailer flipping over. Also, make sure that the trailer hitch will connect to your bike.

There are many other features you may want to look for, including a safety harness, roominess for your growing child and visibility so that your child can enjoy the ride.

Styles of Bike Trailer

There are many different styles of bike trailers, and you will want to choose the one that best fits your needs. While there are models that are strictly for biking, you can also get models made for both biking and jogging. There are even kinds of bike trailers that can be used for cross-country skiing.

Sizes of Bike Trailer

Kids bike trailers come in several sizes. Trailers are made for both double and single riders. If you only have one child but plan on having more, it is recommended to go ahead and get the double trailer.

Some trailers will also have more cabin space than others. The extra room is vital if you have larger kids or plan on using the trailer as your kids get older. Lastly, it is important to check out the weight capacity.

Best Kids Bike Trailers

Best Single TrailerBurley Minnow, 1 Seat, Lightweight, Kids Bike-Only Trailer


There is much to like about the Burley Minnow, particularly its roominess. It can accommodate up to 75 pounds and has lots of legroom for taller children. The hammock-style seat keeps your child from sitting directly on the bike and makes for a smoother ride. The windows are tinted and the airflow is decent, which is good for hot weather rides. It also has a rain flap for use in the event of inclement weather.

The aluminum frame has a roll cage for added safety. The trailer also features reflective stickers and a flag for safety. There is a 5-point harness and the company sells additional padding if you feel your child is moving around too much.

There’s no need to buy a hitch; it is ready to go when you take it out of the box. It folds flat and has an excellent cargo space to haul all of your kid’s stuff.

Best Double TrailerBurley Bee Child Trailer


The Burley Bee has two roomy seats and a bright yellow color that is difficult for motorists to miss. The Bee also comes with a safety flag and has reflectors on all sides. The aluminum roll frame and low center of gravity make it safe from rolling while still being lightweight. Burley puts its products through intense safety tests, making their brand one of the safest in biking.

The Burley Bee is easy to assemble and couples and uncouples quickly. It folds flat for easy transport and storage. There’s plenty of room for two kids and lots of extra cargo. The hammock seat helps with a bumpy ride. The mesh net can help with bugs, and the rain cover keeps kids dry during a shower. 5-point harnesses and extra helmet room keep your kids safe and comfy.

Best Trailer for Biking and Jogging – Schwinn Trailblazer Child Bike Carrier Single and Double

If you are looking for a bike trailer for kids that lets you ride and jog, the Schwinn Trailblazer is a great option. To turn the trailer into a stroller, simply attach the included handlebar and swap out the added wheel. It is available in both single and double rider models.

The steel frame folds quickly and compactly, but you do have to remove the wheels, which release easily. The single holds one 40-pound child while the double holds two 40-pound children, and you can also carry 12 pounds of cargo.

The trailer has a mosquito net and a rain guard. While the steel frame is a little heavier and more rigid, the hammock seat keeps the ride smooth for your kids. While it does take a few minutes to couple the trailer with your bike once you have it attached, it hooks and unhooks quite easily.

Best High-End TrailerThule Chariot Cross

If you are serious about spending time outdoors, you are going to want the Thule Chariot Cross. It is designed for an active family who likes to bike, jog, walk and ski. The Chariot is available in both single and double models. The seats recline so your child can easily take a nap while you roll.

The Chariot has many convenience features, like a largo cargo space that can you can put away, so you have room to jog and on-board storage for accessory kits. It is effortless to switch activities with the Chariot. It is ideal for use in both warm and cold weather, especially if you purchase some add-on accessories for warmth.

The Thule does feature a high price tag, and the base model only includes the biking and strolling kit; the jogging and skiing kits have to be purchased separately. However, if you want a bike trailer that has it all, the Chariot is the way to go.

Best Budget Trailer – Instep Bike Trailer, Single and Double Seat

If you are working with a smaller budget, the Instep Bike Trailer is both affordable and functional. You can choose from either a single or double seat, and each seat can hold up to 40 pounds. There is also a decent cargo area that can hold up to 12 pounds.

The Instep Trailer features a simple coupling system that works with most bikes, although some riders have had trouble with wheels that are over 26 inches. This bike trailer also folds flat for easy storage – simply remove the wheels and fold. It is a good choice if you need to transport it and are short on space.

This bike trailer for kids is vented with a bug net and a rain cover for biking in inclement weather. Safety features include a 5-point harness and a flag. The hammock seat reduces some of the shocks.

Finding the right bike trailer can get your child started early on developing a love of biking!