Why we like Kazam Balance Bikes

From Small Beginnings to the Shark Tank!

We have always been hung up on whether you are better off buying a balance bike with a foot rest or not.  One of the most notable balance bikes that provides an adequate place to rest a child’s feet while cruising is a Kazam. Kazam has been selling balance bikes as early (or earlier) than 2010.  They started their business on taking a concept that was flourishing outside of the USA and carefully created a patented toddle rbike for their 2 1/2 year old child.  A lot has happened since then; newer models, expanded product line and a partner in the legendary shark tank investors Mark Cuban and Barbara Corcoran.



One of the first things you notice about the Kazam is the unique frame geometry with a center frame-integrated footrest.  We have not seen any other balance bike designs like the Kazam and most likely won’t as it is patent protected. The foot rest is centered in the natural resting place for a child’s feet and the same location that they will eventually have pedals as they advance to bigger bikes.


Offered in both aluminum and steel; both versions provide for a long lasting, durable frame that is made to take a beating. The aluminum frame sheds a whopping 2 lbs of weight which is a huge benefit for younger riders that benefit from additional ease in maneuverability due to the weight.  We opted for the Kazam Pro for the lightweight frame, black components and the alloy stem.  The aluminum model boasts a 75 lb weight limit while the steel model is rated at 65 lbs.  One drawback to the Kazam is the lack of a handbrake; which we feel is a necessity. The Pro features a comfort sized saddle that may be approaching a little on the large size for the youngest riders but isn’t a deal breaker.

Sizing and Weight

Available in two models, the aluminum pro model weighs in at 8 lbs while the steel version came in at 9.9 lbs.  1.9 lbs may not seem like a lot but it makes a difference with the 2/3 year olds and children who don’t have as much coordination or strength as 4/5 year olds. Both bikes have similar frame sizing and geometry and have a seat adjustment range of 14″ to 17″; not the lowest of settings. A toddler bike of this size will generally fit kids ages 3-5 years who are wearing clothes in the 3t to 5t range and up 44″ in height.


  • Easy Step-in Patented Frame Design with Foot Rest
  • Ergonomically Designed Footrest For Proper Feet Placement & Balance
  • Adjustable Seat with Quick Release (Min: 14.0 inches; Max: 17.0 inches)
  • Adjustable Handlebar Set (Min: 19.75 inches; Max: 22.5 inches)
  • 12 inch Air-Filled Tires with Alloy Rims
  • Metal Ball Bearing Headset Top & Bottom for Non-Friction, Easy Steering
  • Alloy Frame, Alloy Handlebar Stem
  • Comfort Seat
  • Weight Capacity: 75 LBS
  • Accommodates children up to 5 years of age or 44” tall
  • Meets US Toy Standards For Children’s Product Safety
  • Colors Offered: Brilliant Blue or Brilliant Purple
  • Tools Included
  • Two Year Limited Warranty
  • Product Dimensions: 33”(L) x 4.75”(W) x 22.5”(H)
  • Product Weight: 8 LBS

Data from Kazambikes.com


Buy the Kazam for well thought of frame geometry and the industry best foot rest.  In this size range, you will have bigger kids that are more than capable of using the foot rest.  The only drawback we see is the lack of a handbrake.