UVEX Hero Youth Helmet Review


With plenty of ventilation and a unique helmet buckle; the UVEX Hero is a great choice in bike helmets for kids. If you haven’t read our ultimate guide to kids bike helmets, check it out now.

Many times you see kids wearing skateboard or scooter style helmets with the solid shell that has limited holes or slots for venting.  While these are very safe helmets, they may not always be the most comfortable for kids. In most cases they may be heavier then the cycling style helmets that are modeled after adult bike helmets.  The UVEX Hero is youth helmet styled like an adult helmet and made to be feather-light, and well ventilated.

Sizing and Comfort

As we preach in our guide to kids bike helmets – sizing is everything.  A helmet is only safe if it fits your child’s head properly.  UVEX has their own specialized fitting system called IAS.  IAS stands for Individual Adapting System

The IAS system is a size adjustment system which can be used to adapt the cycling helmet individually to any head shape. IAS is a free-floating design of the ring system provides optimum adjustment, simple use, and maximum ventilation. The setting is made with the wheel located on the back of the cycling helmet – clockwise to make the helmet tighter, counterclockwise to make it looser. (https://www.uvex-sports.us)


We love the UVEX Hero and all UVEX helmets due to their unique sizing system.  My kids have had all different brands of helmets; BERN Nina, Nutcase Little Nutty helmets and none of these helmets were as adaptable to different heads shapes as the HERO was. This sizing system makes it easy to share this helmet with another sibling because it can easily be adjusted. Easily adjust the helmet to the proper size with the easy to use dial.


The HERO is an in-molded style helmet which means EPS (expanded polystyrene) foam is injected and fused to the outer poly-carbonate shell.  This allows for a much lighter weight helmet, more venting and better durability.  Most high end bike helmets are constructed this way.  All kids bike helmets sold in the United States must have Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) certification and be labeled with a sticker.   The UVEX Hero is rated in the CPSC 5+ certification which applies to bike helmets that fit head sizes 49 cm and up and children ages 5 and up.

Pinch Free Buckle

One of our favorite features is the helmet buckle.  UVEX has their own version of a pinch-free strap.  You simply push the red button and pull apart; it sort of works like a zip tie and as you can see below, our little tester Ella had no issue removing the helmet.



The UVEX Hero has a cool aerodynamic design like an adult helmet, integrated visor to keep the sun out of your eyes and can also be fitted with an optional LED blink light that affixes to the rear of the helmet. The HERO also comes in a color and design scheme appropriate for boys.  As you will notice if you look closely at the helmet vents there is netting that covers each vent – this is done to keep the bugs out of your hair while riding.


Final Thoughts

If you are shopping for a high quality helmet that is lightweight and easy for your child to buckle – the Hero is just the ticket.  Go with the optional LED light that mounts to the rear of the helmet; we found it tended to make our little tester more interested in wearing it. While we wish there were a few more color choices available for this helmet model; the Chameleon for the boys and the Flowers for the girls will do just fine.

  • Head Sizes: 49-55 cm (19.2 to 21.6 inches)
  • Helmet Weight: 205 grams (.5 lbs)
  • Colors Available: Blue and Pink