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Gear and Accessories for Kids Bikes
We offer a comprehensive guide on outdoor gear for kids.  There are many products in the market with claims of safety, performance and quality.  We take our knowledge of these products and give unbiased, complete reviews on what products are great for kids and what products you are better off not paying attention to.  We also provide guides to how to purchase these items and what stores offer the greatest deals.

Best Hydration Packs for Kids

Most adults are pretty conscious about having some sort of hydration with them for bike riding, hiking or other outdoor activities.  Whether it is a water bottle on their bike, hydration pack or a hydration belt that you see many runners use.  When we use to bike with our kids when they were younger we always made some pit stops …

Ultimate Guide to Kids Bike Helmets

Welcome to our ultimate guide to kids bike helmets. One of the questions we commonly get here at Bike&Scoot is whether your child really needs to wear a bike helmet even when simply riding on the sidewalk in front of your home. The answer is: absolutely. Sure, riding a bike is a lot of fun, but accidents happen. Head injuries …