Yedoo Too Too New Balance Bike Designs for 2018

Yedoo Too Too has just added some new cool designs on their best selling balance bikes.  The Yedoo TooToo went through a redesign a year or two ago and now they are rolling out with some fresh new designs and models.  The Yedoo TooToo is also on our “Top Balance Bikes for 2018” Yedoo Too […]

UVEX Hero Youth Helmet Review

With plenty of ventilation and a unique helmet buckle; the UVEX Hero is a great choice in bike helmets for kids. If you haven’t read our ultimate guide to kids bike helmets, check it out now. Many times you see kids wearing skateboard or scooter style helmets with the solid shell that has limited holes […]

Eye Protection for Kids

As we head out on the trails or paths with our kids for that next long bike ride, we should make sure they are properly protected from the sun. Eye protection for kids may be one of the most overlooked pieces of protective gear. We spend a great deal of time making sure our children […]

The Ultimate Balance Bike Guide

Learning to ride a bicycle used to be all about going from a tricycle to a larger bike with training wheels, first eliminating one training wheel and then the other in an attempt to learn how to balance while pedaling. While you can still teach your child to learn how to ride in this manner, […]