The Ridgeback Scoot Balance Bike

One of the best balance bikes available in the US comes from Ridgeback; a well-known European brand. We are quite familiar with the Scoot from Ridgeback; having been a retailer of this bike back in 2012 and 2013 when we still owned an online shop. Its been around much longer in the UK; Ridgeback started […]

Why we like Kazam Balance Bikes

From Small Beginnings to the Shark Tank! We have always been hung up on whether you are better off buying a balance bike with a foot rest or not.  One of the most notable balance bikes that provides an adequate place to rest a child’s feet while cruising is a Kazam. Kazam has been selling […]

Yedoo Too Too New Balance Bike Designs for 2018

Yedoo Too Too has just added some new cool designs on their best selling balance bikes.  The Yedoo TooToo went through a redesign a year or two ago and now they are rolling out with some fresh new designs and models.  The Yedoo TooToo is also on our “Top Balance Bikes for 2018” Yedoo Too […]

Eastern Pusher BMX Balance Bike Review

The Eastern Pusher is a no-frills balance bike that fits into what we call the “lightweights” category.  Bikes in this category have have lightweight builds that don’t pack a lot of features but are still vary capable on light off-road trails.  We recommend the Pusher for young kids who need a lighter weight bike; this […]