The Ridgeback Scoot Balance Bike

One of the best balance bikes available in the US comes from Ridgeback; a well-known European brand. We are quite familiar with the Scoot from Ridgeback; having been a retailer of this bike back in 2012 and 2013 when we still owned an online shop. Its been around much longer in the UK; Ridgeback started […]

Why we like Kazam Balance Bikes

From Small Beginnings to the Shark Tank! We have always been hung up on whether you are better off buying a balance bike with a foot rest or not.  One of the most notable balance bikes that provides an adequate place to rest a child’s feet while cruising is a Kazam. Kazam has been selling […]

Best Action Cameras for Kids

If you were to ask me to write an article about the best action cameras for kids 10 years ago; I would of said you were crazy.  I would of told you; no way are kids using action cameras. Granted, GoPro introduced their first action video camera back in 2006 – it wasn’t until 2010 […]

New U ZOOM Scooter from Kiddimoto

Kiddimoto has new 3 wheel kick scooters for kids that are now available in the US called the U-Zoom.  Some of you may be aware of a neat balance bike company from the UK that got their start making wood balance bikes that resembled motorbikes. Since 2003, Kiddimoto has expanded their offerings to metal balance […]